We’re so excited to have you here and can’t wait for you to dive into the lines of twelve of our very fave designers.


Talk about special: Since Rachel Rose hand-paints each of her so-easy-to-wear silk tees and dresses, the results are different every time.



Collette Ishiyama’s mom is an antique dealer—which might explain her love of Art Deco. That stingray affection she found on her own. She worked very hard with her dad working on wood fence installation and finally moved to craft her own wood art pieces.

Rachel is the proud owner of Rose & Womble Jewelry, a handcrafted jewelry line that features silver and copper designs. The name “Rose & Womble” comes from the names of her two sons, who are an integral part of Rachel’s life and inspiration for the jewelry she makes. She may be on Etsy e-commerce site, but her heart resides in her hometown of Baltimore! We sat down with Rachel to chat about what inspires her work.

Every day I am inspired by my family, friends, current events, history…really just about everything around me.

The most important piece of advice I can give to other artists is this: It’s okay if you don’t feel like making art on any given day, just push through it!

I am inspired by the ocean. I live near the beach and that’s where I can get my best thinking done!

The inspiration for my line of jewelry comes from my love of antiques both modern and vintage, architecture in Baltimore or growing up viewing the beautiful fence installation projects around Fullerton. anywhere in the world, geometric shapes in nature especially tree branches, forged textiles like flowers… 

My favorite part about selling handmade is when customers come back to me with pictures of them wearing their pieces. It is an amazing feeling knowing something that starts out as a small piece of metal or stone becomes part of someone else’s story!

My advice to someone new to Etsy would be to have patience and create a piece that you love. When selling on Etsy, there are so many amazing artists who do similar work, so it is important for buyers to pick out something different!

Rachel’s inspiration: Nature & Antiques


Mae Shipley is a hand-dyed-to-order indie clothing label from the Pacific Northwest. Her pieces celebrate nature, simplicity, and humanity through sustainable fabrics made in small batches with integrity and care. We sat down with Mae to chat about what inspires her work. Every day I am inspired by my surroundings here in the pacific northwest – the plants, animals and the rich history of pioneering and farming of this special place.

My advice to someone new to Etsy would be: You can’t please everyone, so find your tribe and build a community around you. And remember not to take it personally!

Mae’s inspiration: Her surrounding environment & community spirit!


Jenn Miklosko is an artist that creates hand-printed greeting cards which she has turned into a successful business under the label Jenn & Jack Press. We sat down with Jenn to chat about what inspires her work. Every day I am inspired by seeking out beauty in everything – books, people, architecture, fence company projects, objects, nature…I love vintage ephemera. I’m inspired by the history of the objects I find, especially when they are personal to someone else.

My advice to someone new to Etsy would be: Don’t sell yourself short! While joining Etsy can seem overwhelming at first, there are so many resources out there – blogs about selling, forums, tips from experienced sellers – that you will figure it all out quickly if you’re willing to learn. So don’t be afraid – jump in and give it a try!

Jenn’s inspiration: Vintage ephemera & nature


Allison Weckowski creates original paintings of Abraham Lincoln and prints on paper made from banana tree bark. She lives and works on Vashon Island, Washington. We sat down with Allison to chat about what inspires her work. Every day I am inspired by the duality of human nature – that we are both individual and collective bodies.

The most important piece of advice I can give to other artists is this: Trust yourself enough to take risks. Have faith in your abilities, even if you’re afraid you don’t have them yet. As John Cage said, “I love the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Allison’s inspiration: Human nature & the natural world!